December 09, 2009

Frank Rodino Presents Insights on Health Outcomes Publishing

Churchill Communications’ president Frank Rodino presented a lecture entitled“Integrating Health Outcomes into the Publication Plan.”  Held in conjunction with the 2009 CBI publication planning conference in Philadelphia, the lecture was attended by more than 100 publication professionals from biopharmaceutical companies, publication agencies, and medical journals.

The presentation:

•       Provided basic overview of health outcomes, with an emphasis on “Real World” research

•       Explored key differences between randomized controlled trials (RCT) and health outcomes reporting

•       Highlighted some helpful resources for health outcomes publishing

Key take-away messages:

•       Outcomes research (OR) requires sound methodologies, privacy protection, unbiased data sources, and thorough analysis

•       OR identifies gaps by helping to identify newer, more effective approaches and interventions and helps to address questions and concerns that go beyond the scope of traditional registration studies

•       There are now many guidelines and journals/venues dedicated specifically to outcomes research

•       OR is the future. Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) will require continuing follow-up to remain relevant

Follow this link to the poster presentation.